Friday, May 1, 2009

Such a fun day!!!

So today was an awesome day! My friend was in town from Austin and we had a blast! It started out kinda sour, because I had to take D to the doc first. And the po baby had to get two shots, which are ones he has to have to start kinder in the fall. Poor little guy, he was limping good this evening and ended up passing out asleep at our Splurge this evening... :(

Tina and I went downtown and hit up the King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art after I took D to daycare from his doc appt. It was a really neat exhibit, and I learned so much that I had no idea of! Now of course, AF was being a pain, so I had to make some bathroom stops several times, which was definitely distracting but otherwise, I was quite intrigued by it all. Such a great idea, Tina!!!!! After a light lunch, we went and picked up D from PPCD, and then took a nice walk to get my exercise in today. Then after more exercise at my house to finish it up, it was time to head to the Texas Roadhouse!!! YUM!!!! I ended up not eating one of the things I had planned on, but I still had an awesome splurge. Like I said above, D fell asleep halfway through the meal, which turned out pretty nice...though I sure felt bad for him. I gave him some tylenol before bed to see if that helps the pain. When we got back to my house, we watched Bride and Prejudice (no, not PRIDE and Prejudice), different movie. It was super cute though! And now its time for me to put it to bed, I'm exhausted!!!

But first, here's food. Breakfast was a whole wheat tortilla with a 2% milk cheese slice and 8 ounces of apple juice. Lunch was a Chickfila grilled chicken salad with light italian dressing. And dinner...ahhhh dinner. Texas Roadhouse. I got chicken fried steak (ate 3/4th of it), and then had some steak fries dipped in ranch dressing. I wanted a roll but never got ranch dressing until my food was so that helped. After that we all enjoyed some yummy birthday cake for Beth!!! Well, her bday is tomorrow but since its now tradition to hit up TRH for it so she can get up on that saddle, I figured cake was appropriate. And YES it was! I ended my day at 2385 calories which is not bad for a splurge!

Output...gosh, I was up and about ALL DAY long. 3 hours at the museum! We did take a 30 minute good walk, and then I did 30 minutes of Wii Sports (so 15 min towards challenge), to hit my 45 min total. But I hit a record today for cals burned. I burned 3753 cals today!!! I can def tell we were MOVING. lol

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