Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's so nice outside!!

Ok I'ma whine for a minute...how was it pouring rain on Saturday when we could have spent the whole day outside like we did on Sunday, but yesterday and today, days I can barely get outside, are just BEA-U-TI-FUL. It's not fair!!!! AND this weekend its supposed to be rainy AGAIN...WTF!! *end whine* Ok I'm done, thank you for allowing me to get that out.

That said, it really is gorgeous out there, I've taken a few lunch time walks out there, and am loving even that short bit of time I have. Unfortunately, with D getting to bed so late on Sunday, I haven't been able to really enjoy it in the evenings either. Tonite will be another one I can't as he needs a few days to recoup by going to bed early. :( I hate to not take advantage of this while we have it, soon it will be summer and boiling you the minute you walk outside. Oh well...

Food today, I had a turkey/whole wheat tortilla rollup for breakfast this morning, and then some reduced fat wheat thins abit later. Lunch was a Smart Ones Ziti meal and pretzels. My afternoon snack is almonds. Dinner was Shake N Bake chicken nuggets with some ketchup, instant mashed tatoes, and green beans. Right after that, I had a chocolate pudding, and then late this evening I had half a cup of rainbow sherbet to end my day at 1319 calories.

Output: I am LOVING that my hour is done for the day. lol Such a great feeling! I got up this morning and did the 32 min WATP, and then took a 30 minute walk at lunch (down to the pond and circled around it 4 times). I'm TIRED, but feeling good about it, that its over with and that I don't HAVE to do anything tonite if I don't want to.

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