Saturday, May 9, 2009

A long, fun day...with a scary evening...

We had a really great day today. Kind of bummed around all morning, then at noon, my friend hit us up and joined us at Taste Addison. You can see our pics of it on D and I's blog. It was so much fun. We let the boys go play in the fountains for awhile, I tried Topz for the first time (YUM!), and I did great on eating there. I didn't eat any of my trigger foods (which would be pizza and snocones/ice those suckers are DANGEROUS!). After our fun, we had some dinner, and then headed to Walmart. Mainly because I wasn't quite ready to go home and then after that, D convinced me to take him to the park to play, even though it was pretty cool and windy outside. He had a great time til the end. And because of that ending, D got to see his mommy break down in tears.

When I took his hand when it was time for us to go (which I did KNOWING he has a tendency to run), I could tell he was about to start fussing about it. So I told him I bet he couldn't beat me to the top of the hill which is between the parking lot and playground. We both took off up it. But he got up a full step ahead of me, and kept going. Into the parking lot. I couldn't go after him because I know he will REALLY take off running, and the street was on the other side. And then I saw was a car turning in at that exact time. Praise the Lord, they saw him and stopped. I think the panic in my voice stopped him long enough for me to get to him. Basically, he scared the ever living bejeebies outta me.

I do NOT understand why he flips the switch like that...and I'm having such a hard time this evening dealing with just how "different" he is than other kids, with all his issues. I really think that I'm going to have to hold his hand 24/7 when he's not in the stroller, cause I can't chance it. I hate that I see other kids able to follow their parents or walk beside them when mine can't, and I'm scared to death that he's gonna get hit by a car someday over this. He's almost 5 and is still pulling this mess.

After I grabbed him up and got us both home, shaking the whole way, I talked to him about it, about how scared I was for him, and while doin that, was when I finally broke down in tears. He got really sober at that, and all I could do was pull him into a hug and just cry. He said "I sorry, mommy" and you could really tell it hit him then, but he's done this before with almost the same results. He just doesn't process what he's doing til after the fact, and I don't really think he CAN help it.


So thats been our day in a not-so-nutshell.

Like I said above, I did good with eating today and am even managing to keep it together tonite. Breakfast/early lunch was a PBJ and reduced fat wheat thins. A late lunch was at Taste Addison. I had a Topz cheeseburger with ketchup and fries. If you don't know what Topz is, they make healthy crap. lol Low fat hamburgers and baked fries. They weren't exactly low CAL, but I got online before we ate and checked cal counts against my plan for the day, so I was good. I downed two bottles of water while there and resisted everything else. For dinner, we hit up CFA and I got chicken nuggets and a side salad with light italian dressing. No snack tonite as I'm not really hungry. I'm ending my day at 1811 calories.

Output: 5 hours of walking at Taste Addison, plus an hour long Walmart trip, AND walking at the park, left me exhausted. But I still had to complete the challenge for today, so I did 20 minutes on the bike tonite. I'm already at 3278 cals burned today, so I'm guessing it will be close to 3400 by midnite.

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Karen said...

Sorry you had such a rough ending to the day, but WTG on resisting temptations at Taste Addison. That musta been HARD!!! You're doing so good, Brandie!