Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dispelling the fear of a 5K

I've seen quite a few comments from those who seem to be apprehensive about a 5K. And just wanted to dispell some common misconceptions. Don't be scared of the 5K. You don't HAVE to run it. I have done 3 of them and have not run one yet. YET. lol They aren't going to pull you out of it for walking. And that said, if you do walk it, its not bad, and doesn't have to be speed walking. My highest time, my first 5K, was an hour and 15 minutes. I weighed more than I do now. And that's pushing a stroller with a 45lb kid in it. Its just an hour walk. If you can speed up in it, or run any part of it, that makes it even less time. If I can do one, ANYONE can. Not anything to be leery of, so I hope this encourages more of you to get out there and sign up for them! Here's the link to the calendar for Run On so you can see which ones are coming up. Most 5Ks benefit a good cause, so you can feel good about helping others AND doing something good for your body! I think I burned 700 cals last weekend doing the mall walk 5K and that was indoors on flat ground. It's so good for you to get out there and just WALK. We're going to be doing another 5K this weekend, I'd love to have more people joining us! Keep checking the right hand side of the blog for info on which ones we are doing and let me know if you want to come with us!

Ok I had to get that out. Now we can move on to food for today. Apparently its going to be a light day. lol Breakfast this morning was oatmeal. Then I had some almonds a little before lunchtime. Lunch is a Weight Watchers Ziti meal and 100 cal chips pack. My afternoon snack is a 100 cal Kudos Granola bar. Dinner tonite was smoked turkey, Lipton butter noodles (no butter added), and broccoli. And my evening snack was half a cup of Braums capp chunky choc to end my day at 1258 calories. I'm trying to choose more substantial foods (like the oatmeal) so I feel better about what I AM getting.

Output: I got up this morning and did the 32 minute WATP. I was pretty tired after swimming last night but still managed to work it out. Then we got in a walk this evening at Bob Woodruff. I did 2.8 miles in about 55 minutes. Not great time but its ok. I didn't want to over do since the humidity was killing me, but did want to get in a good walk. Yeah I think I hit my hour

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J said...

yup, 5ks are easy cheesy. Wanna join me for a 10? LOL