Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day...

I want to say I hope all my fellow mommies had a wonderful day...I hope you were able to relax and enjoy it, all mommies deserve it.

As for me...I struggle with this day. Not having my mom in my life for years hits me pretty hard this time of year. I think if I had closure in it, I could accept it and move on, but the fact that she doesn't WANT me in her life and hasn't since I was a kid, is what does it. Despite that, I tried really hard to make it a good day for D and I, as I LOVE being his mommy, and really wanted to make it our day. He was up early and raring to go, so I took us both to Dennys for breakfast. After that, we made a quick trip to South Dallas to give my grandma a card for Mothers Day before we headed back north to meet some friends at the Butterfly Exhibit at Collin Creek. Of course, pics are on D and I's we ate at the mall and then D and I headed home after a quick store run to get what I wanted for dinner. lol I got lots of yummy food I wanted today (but within reason and portion carefully controlled). Unfortunately, the day didn't end on a good note. I don't know if D was just overtired from the day, despite a nap, or what, but from the time we got home to the time he went to bed (at cause I couldn't take it anymore), it was a constant battle. I'm spending the evening watching chick flicks and playing literati with a friend online. I hate being so alone on days like this, when it seems like everyone has someone to celebrate it with them.

On to food...breakfast was a Jr Grand Slam at Dennys, no syrup (only 400 cals total!). At the mall, D and I split a chicken quesadilla (with a few chips and salsa), and then a chocolate chip cookie from Subway. And then dinner was half of a Tony's frozen pizza and a cup of rainbow sherbet to end my day at 1833 calories. It was a lot of crap, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and was very careful to plan it out.

Output: since we got to the mall really early, we walked for 25 minutes, then waited a little more, and then did another 20 minutes still waiting. Everyone was really late, but it was funny because even though everyone was late, we are all there at the same time. It worked out! I'm tired though. I'm definitely going to hit 3000 cals today, though just barely. lol

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Michael's Mommy said...

**Hugs** I am glad you had a good day!