Thursday, May 28, 2009

A better day

Today was decent. D was acting like he was feeling ok this morning, though he did complain about a little bit of pain. I sent him off to school anyway, as he had no fever and no drainage from his nose. I'll admit I'm still in a bit of disbelief from yesterday, still harboring anger on D's behalf towards the ENT for putting him through all this for so long! But what made it worse to me is that it looks like he tried to hide it. If he had removed it yesterday in the office, explained it was an accident, sure, I would have been upset, but I would have understood. Things happen. But fess up and be a man about it. THAT'S what has me all riled up and feeling violated. I'll get over it in time, and its not like I'm sitting here letting it control my life, but it does hurt. I was up half the night grieving that D had had that mess in there for 3 months and that I had no clue what was going on. I hate that he had to deal with that! But I'm definitely relieved that its hopefully resolved. We will be following up with another ENT next week or the week after, NOT the same one.

Foodwise, I've been good today. Breakfast was a Quaker chewy lowfat granola bar. Lunch was Spaghetti-Os and a 100 cal pack of cheese crackers. My afternoon snack was a Special K protein bar and then a tbsp of peanut butter. Dinner was 2 light hotdogs on one slice of whole wheat bread with a slice of 2% cheese and a bit of Miracle Whip, plus a side of grapes. My dessert tonite was a Quaker MiniDelites pouch to end my day at 1360 calories.

Output: today was a training day so D and I hoofed it on a 3 mile walk. It took me exactly 56 minutes tonite to do it. Since I was low, I did 5 minutes of crunches and squats this evening.

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