Friday, May 29, 2009

My po baby...

So we had the ER trip on Wednesday evening. Yesterday D was complaining of ear pain, and this morning, he woke up in pain and with his left ear draining fluid. I took him to school for a bit but called the doctor and got him in early. Yeah, D-man now has a fullblown ear infection. :( His doc said she couldn't even see his ear drum, the ear was so full of pus. So we don't know if its perforated or not, and will have to wait til we go see the new ENT on Tuesday. Good times. Poor little guy, you could really tell he wasn't feeling well and he took over a 2 hour nap. He started on antibiotics tonite so hopefully those will help!

It was a light day for me for food. Since I went to go get him early, I didn't really have time to focus on eating today. Breakfast was a Nature Valley Salty Sweet peanut bar. After his doc visit, I stopped to get him lunch at Sonic, but I only got apple slices and an iced tea. I ate at home, a homemade cheese quesadilla (whole wheat tortilla (sprayed with Pam) and 2% milk cheese). My afternoon snack was a Quaker lowfat granola bar. Dinner was at Chilis. I had the Guiltless Grilled Chicken sandwich with corn on the cob (no butter) and a side salad with lowfat ranch. Then for dessert we hit up Braums and I had a kid cup of cappuccino chunky chocolate to end my day at 1217 calories. Oh and yes, D got ice cream too for being such a trooper.

Output: today is my official rest day for the week. Monday was going to be but I did 2 hours of swimming so thats my half day. AF started yesterday and has been kicking booty today so nada. I'm still gonna be over 3000 cals burned today though since I did move around a lot with going up to D's school twice, to the doctor, etc.

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