Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to work...

Its always so hard to come back after a busy weekend! I feel like I need another weekend to recoup from this one! It was a blast though...so glad summer is about here! I went shopping at lunch and got a jogging stroller for D (YAY!), plus two shirts with that dryweave stuff to try out when walking.

Today I was in SUCH a snacky mood! Uggh, I think AF is just around the corner. So lets get to it. Breakfast was oatmeal, and then a 100 cal cracker pack shortly after. Lunch was a Weight Watchers ziti meal and baked chips. Shortly after lunch I had another 100 cal cracker baggie, and then my late afternoon snack was a Special K Protein bar and almonds. Dinner tonite was a tuna/miracle whip sandwich with grapes. And this evening I had a slice of 2% milk cheese to end my day at 1350 calories.

Output: we tested out the stroller this evening with a 3 mile neighborhood walk, it was nice! I noticed my pace was a bit faster, though still not quite what it was on Saturday at the 5K, mainly because of freakin HILLS in the neighborhood, but it was ok. I was still happy about my time. It was a bit faster than at Chisholm Trail the other day. It took exactly 58 minutes to do, so later this evening I did 2 minutes of crunches to finish up the day.

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