Thursday, April 30, 2009

First morning in how many weeks...

that I did NOT get up early and work out. *sigh* D was up and down half the night with the storms, AF was a pain, and I just couldn't do it. I made it up later though!

Eating is low today. a) I just didn't eat much today b) I'm ok with it because tomorrow is our splurge day, and I can't wait!

Breakfast was a Quaker Minidelites. Lunch was a Weight Watchers ziti meal plus baked chips. My afternoon snack was a fatfree yogurt. Dinner was Shake n Bake chicken nuggets with ketchup, Lipton butter noodles made without butter, and green beans. And my evening snack was 4oz of apple juice and a Kudos granola bar to end my day at 1234 calories.

Output: Since I didn't get up this morning, I had to make it up somehow. I did 5 minutes of a brisk walk this morning at work. Then at lunch I did two walks of 20 minutes each (ate lunch and had a bathroom break in between, OY!) to complete my 45 minutes. I'm almost to 2500 cals right now, so I'm estimating I will be around 2800-2850 cals burned today.

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