Monday, April 13, 2009

The weekend is over...

And I was up WAY too late last night...oh today was the ARD meeting for D's school, and I think it went REALLY well! I am definitely relieved from seeing the plans they have for him as far as to support him in the classroom. I also got to meet some of the staff from the elementary school he'll be going to, and I def like them! So WHEW. That took a load off my mind.

I did good eating today. I wanted to stay under 1300 cals since tomorrow is our splurge day (and it couldn't have come too soon!!!) So breakfast was what has become my new usual, a PBJ on whole grain. No morning snack. Lunch was tuna salad (a can of tuna with Miracle Whip plus a baggy of goldfish. I had a fat free yogurt before heading to the ARD meeting. After that, we headed up to the mall to walk around with the boys and let them play. I had originally planned to cook dinner, but I changed it to accomodate a CFA dinner, but planned it out so that it was the same cals as the dinner I had planned on. I had a CFA kids meal, but with only 2/3rd of the fries (I gave the rest to Beth's little, no icedream, but did also have half of one of Beth's chicken strips to try it. When we got home, I had a Quaker Mini Delites to end my day at 1282 calories.

Output: I got up abit early this morning, though not early enough, so I only had enough time to do 20 minutes on the bike (but still got up!!). This evening, we did a 25 minute walk at the mall to get the rest of my time in. I'm ending my day at 2956 calories burned.

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