Monday, April 6, 2009

Food for today...

Check out the post below for details on the challenge.

Today has been an ok day for eating, was kinda down tonite and didn't quite make a good choice but its ok, it could have been worse. We went grocery shopping yesterday with my friend yesterday (so I was definitely able to stay on task and get good stuff, not junk). After my workout this morning, I had a fatfree yogurt. When I got to work this morning, I had a Fiber One bar and half a banana (the other half was yucky and brown...ew). My midmorning snack was raisins and a baggy of goldfish. Lunch today was a Weight Watchers ziti meal and green beans, and then a Quaker mini delights and almonds. My afternoon snack was going to be a can of tuna, with some miracle whip, an apple and baby carrots. Dinner tonite was grilled pork chops, plus Lipton butter noodles (made without butter) and an orange. I was feeling pretty weak emotionally and ended up having an Easy Mac cup :( which ended my day at 2041 calories. Its "ok" cause I burned so many cals yesterday, so I'm still over 1K deficit, but still. I didn't need that.

Output...I got my 45 minutes in! Well, I actually got in 50 minutes. I did 30 minutes on the bike this morning (which ended up being 5.1 miles!), and today at lunch, I went to the mall and did a 17 minute walk (two laps around) and then 3 minutes of stairs which about killed I ended my day at 3207 calories burned.

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