Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If this is a natural April Fools Joke...

I don't like it!! I have been hungry ALL DAY LONG for snacky food. And it needs to STOP. most of my day was a high carb day.

Breakfast was an Eating Right nutrition bar and a string cheese. My midmorning snack was a box of raisins and a baggie of Pirates Booty. Lunch was a Weight Watchers ziti meal and applesauce. My afternoon snack was a 100 cal choc covered pretzels and another box of sheeesh. Dinner was at Beth's house (thanks again!). We had minibagel pizzas and salad for dinner. I narrowly avoided having sugar wafers for despite D tryna put one in my mouth...(NOT helping, D!!)...hehehe but did have a 100 cal choc pudding a bit later on after my bike ride.

Output today was short...I did a 10 minute bike ride to get SOMETHING in, but went to bed early so didn't push it past that.

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