Friday, April 10, 2009

5 days straight!!!

Ok I have to say, I am very proud of myself this week! For 5 days straight now, I have gotten up and worked out. That's a record for me!!! Granted, one day I only did 20 min, but have actually gotten up, is HUGE for me! SO I'm insanely proud and really hope I can keep this up! Yay! Just a heads up, D and I will be headed to the lake this weekend with family. I'm nervous about food and exercise there, but I think, since we aren't leaving til 9 in the morning, that I'll get up and work out, at least most of it to get it over with for Saturday.

Today was bound to be a good day. It's Friday, YAY, and despite the fact that I do have to work today, traffic was light which put me in a good mood. Our friends came over this evening for dinner and to watch a movie, (although my house could use a thorough deep clean, it is what it is). We don't tend to have guests over much, it just doesn't happen, so I always enjoy when they do come. We already had dinner planned (made flatbread pizzas at my house), so that will kept it pretty healthy. Yay! (Ummm...lots of Yays today, I'm actually not really this giddy today, it just sounds like I did have to work through some emotional stuff last night, and dealt with it again this morning. OH and I was worried about all the candy D was bound to bring home from his daycare's easter egg hunt. Well, once we got it, I immediately split off the chocolate which he can't have anyway, and gave that our friend's daughter to take home. Then the rest of the candy, I let him have a few pieces at the park, and the rest of it was made to studiously disappear while we were there. And I didn't eat a bit of it!!! YAY! (Gosh, theres another yay...)

So today...breakfast was a PBJ on whole grain. In keeping with the no snacking thing (which I noticed really made a difference yesterday AND today in how I felt about eating all day), I didn't have a morning snack. Lunch was a Lean Cuisine pizza, plus baby carrots. And then I will had an afternoon snack before going to the park of a fat free yogurt. Dinner was a flatbread pizza (which is this Light Italian flatbread I got (90 cals, woo!), plus some cheese, pizza sauce, and canadian bacon), then a romaine and tomato salad with Zesty Italian light dressing. Our dessert was angel food cake with light cool whip and strawberries. I'm at 1241 cals tonite which is fine. This weekend, we'll be down at the lake, so I'll prolly be closer to 1900 cals anyway. I may not be logging much this weekend with no inet except for my iphone, but I will be logging everything. I have to!

Output, I got up early this morning and did 30 minutes on the bike (5.0 miles even), and was thinkin I'd have to make the rest of the 15 minutes up throughout the day. However, I ended up getting to work extra early due to super light traffic (LOVE a holiday!), so I did a 15 minute walk around the building to get the rest of my time in. YAY! I took D to the park this afternoon since we got off early. I'm ending my day at 2949 calories.

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