Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome to the world, Nolan!

I just want to say congrats to my cousin Holly and her husband Jonathan on the birth of their baby boy! Nolan was born on Monday Apr 27th (yes I know I'm belated in posting this, just two days though!), healthy and weighing in at 9 lbs...something I bet he's just gorgeous!!! *sniff* I haven't seen a picture yet, but I HAVE pimped DAM to Holly, doing my part to

Today has been a decent day although AF is raging. It sucks, but it happens. We're gearing up for a splurge on Friday evening (Texas Roadhouse!!), so I'm eating light this week to accommodate. Breakfast this morning was Quaker MiniDelites (no, still didn't go to the store to get bread). Lunch was a Lean Cuisine pizza and baked chips. My afternoon snack was a fatfree yogurt. Dinner tonite (since I just cleaned house and I'm determined to KEEP it clean til my friend gets in town on Thursday) was the usual at CFA: chicken nugget kid meals with ketchup. Dessert tonite was a Kudos Granola bar to end my day at 1254 calories.

Output: I got up and did 20 minutes on the bike this morning. It was all I could do since I spent all evening cleaning and didn't go to bed til late. Then this morning I took a 5 minute brisk walk around the building. This evening, I did 40 minutes (well 20 and 20 with bathroom to make up the last 20 minutes I needed.

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