Thursday, July 9, 2009

A short walk is better than none, I guess?

I had a feeling tonite would be bad. With D injuring his eye yesterday, he was in pain this morning. When I picked him up from school, he conked his face on the car door, which opened UP the wound by his eye. :( Plus he was complaining of his ear hurting, the same ear that busted, so I'm def concerned about that. This evening, I could tell he was fading fast. He started to meltdown some, but I took him on our walk regardless. Yeah we made it about a mile before the first meltdown. I headed closer to the house and lapped the alley. Since it's private, I did work on jogging some, for another .4 miles til D finally fully melted down and we headed inside for him to go to bed. So I didn't get in my full 3 miles but I was glad we at least got out there. It was better than nothing, and geez it was so hot I was still drenched when we came in!

Food was decent today. I had 1/2 a pbj for bfast (and really hope you guys are glad it wasn't chips! lol). I did have half a tbsp of peanut butter around midday. Lunch was a Weight Watchers ziti meal, and my afternoon snack was a fat free yogurt. Dinner was frozen chicken nuggets with some ketchup, rice with a little butter in it, and broccoli to end my day at 1312 calories.

Output: I got in a 24 minute walk and nothing else :(. I've already used my half day this week so I'll have to consider this my off day. Not sure how I'm going to get in an hour tomorrow (a Friday) but I will do my best.

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