Thursday, July 2, 2009


Last night as I was fixing dinner, I had a pretty big revelation hit me about why I do not like to eat at home much. When I was a kid, most every meal was fast food. We only ever ate at home when my mom was just BROKE. So I came to associate eating at home with that feeling. It all made sense. When I'm at my lowest money-wise, I end up eating out more. Because it helps calm that anxiety, that feeling about it. So now that I've recognized it, I need to figure out how to combat it and overcome it, mainly because I have never wanted D to grow up like I did, with fast food all the time. I do pretty good with keeping him balanced I think but we do eat out a lot. I try to make sure he has better choices than I did though. I'm not sure how I'm going to counteract this, but will be figuring it out. Knowledge is power, right?

On to food...we have a big weekend coming up so I kept today light as well. Breakfast was baked chips again. Lunch was a Weight Watchers ziti meal. Afternoon snack was a fatfree yogurt. Dinner is going to be at Tin Star. I'm getting a kids chicken quesadilla with some chips and salsa. And then D and I will be hitting up Braums on the way home for a kids cup of Capp Chunky Choc frozen yogurt to end my day at 1244 calories.

Output: is my off day. Since we have tomorrow off, I decided to cop my regular thursday walk on a Friday morning to avoid the heat of the day. I'll be walking Sat and Sun as well, so I'm enjoying today off!!! lol

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