Sunday, July 5, 2009

Over halfway there...

and another milestone down. Jenn and I got up this morning and in drizzling rain, hoofed it 7 miles. And D was such a trooper, riding in the jogging stroller. I was very proud of him, and I know both Jenn and I were super proud of ourselves. I ended up bawling crying on the way home when the reality of being over half way to something I never even thought possible hit me. It's an awesome feeling. I think it was just an emotional day for me in general with some other things that happened this afternoon/evening.

Foodwise, I did ok today. I wasn't super concerned with cals (though tried to keep it good). Before our walk, I had a slice of whole grain toast with a bit of butter. Afterward we hit up Dennys, where I got the senior omelette with salsa, had 1.5 pieces of toast and only half the hashbrowns with a bit of ketchup. In the afternoon, I had a PBJ sandwich. And after my meeting tonite, I was hungry, so went by Wendys. No, not a great choice, but it reallycould have been worse. I got the 10 piece chicken nugget meal (but gave D two of em even though he'd already eaten), small fries, and some ketchup to end my day at 1846 calories.

Output: a 7 mile walk which took us 2 hours and 17 minutes. It was exhausting, exhilarating, and every other term I can think of that compare to those. I felt really good afterward though. My legs got stiff while eating after it, but once we got home, I was feeling decent. Even ended up going to White Rock Lake park after that for 2 hours. It's 10pm and I'm at 4152 cals burned so far.


Dina said...

nothing but love, girl! you are awesome!!

Libby Jones said...

Go Brandie Go!