Monday, June 1, 2009

Another update on D

Today D's ear started bleeding. I'm guessing the infection is now moving out which is good. The school nurse who called me said she's also pretty certain that his ear drum is perforated. :( Poor guy. We go to the new ENT tomorrow for a follow up, so I'll know more then about whats going on.

Today was a light day food-wise as I'm using it as my half day for the exercise challenge. Low cals out, low cals in. It evens out. Breakfast was a lowfat granola bar. Lunch was a Weight Watchers Ziti meal, kosher dill chips, and almonds. My afternoon snack was a Special K protein bar. Dinner was chicken sauteed in zesty italian light dressing, with mashed tatoes and green beans. It was yum! I don't think I've made it that way in awhile, it was a nice change from Shake N Bake. My dessert this evening was a 100 cal minibag of popcorn to end my day at 1213 calories.

Output: as aforementioned, today is my half day this week (Friday will be my full rest day before the weekend) so this evening I did 30 minutes of cardio dance. I needed the music time too to destress from everything going on with D, so that helped a LOT. Tomorrow, its back to walking, yay!

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