Monday, June 29, 2009

Kickin booty day

Well...AF was...and it was MY booty bein kicked. All. Day. Long. It sucked.

Since it was quite the rough day, most of the morning I really didn't feel like eating at all. So I had nothing til lunchtime, and then it was a yogurt and a cheese cracker snack mix baggie. My afternoon snack was a tbsp of peanut butter and then for dinner we had nekkid chicken strips from Popeyes with mashed tatoes, and yeah, I had the biscuit since I was so low on My evening snack was grapes and a 100 cal bag of popcorn to end my day at 1231 calories.

Output was light but I did get my hour in. This morning, I got up early and did 35 minutes on the bike. Then this afternoon I got in a 10 minute walk around the building, and this evening did another 20 minutes on the bike. There will be no 3 mile walking for another couple days or so til AF is gone. :( I miss it.

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