Saturday, June 20, 2009

D's birthday party!

Such a fun day! We hit up the pool this evening with some wonderful friends to celebrate D's upcoming birthday and had a blast! Special thanks go to Beth for making a crazy cute cake!!

My food was decent today. Breakfast was a Slimfast bar, and then abit later in the morning, some Bugles. Then I had a dizzy spell so I had a tbsp of peanut butter. I hate those! And I know it was because the Bugles were SO not substantial. Oh well. Lunch was a South Beach pizza, and my afternoon snack was a fatfree yogurt. Dinner was a 6 piece chicken nuggets from CFA and some grapes I got from the store. Then I had a yummy piece of cake, and late last night when I had a massive carb craving, I had a cup of instant rice, with a bit of garlic salt for flavoring, to end my day at 1499 calories.

Output, today was my off day (although I did get all nice and sweaty at the pool!) and it sure was nice.

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