Saturday, June 13, 2009

Busy saturdays...

I always feel like we have to cram in 20 million things on Saturdays since we don't have time during the week to do them! It keeps us running, but I enjoy it!!

Today we hit up an event at Northpark called Stephanie's Day, it was for special needs kids. D had an awesome time, esp getting to meet cheerleaders and play the drums during music therapy. Then we went swimming and to a movie later. Yeah, we crammed! LOL

It was a good food day too. I know I have a long week/next weekend of crap food possibilities with D's birthday coming up in ONE WEEK so I kept today on the light side for a saturday. Breakfast was a Slimfast bar and gatorade before our walk, and then an IHOP Baby Cakes meal with sugar free syrup afterward. Lunch was only half of a pbj sandwich since we had a late breakfast. Dinner was the CFA Kids Meal that we didn't get last night, with some ketchup. At the movies, I had some popcorn and a pickle. And then later, a fudgsicle to end my day at 1531 calories.

Output, lots. We did our 3 mile walk (I'm still at a consistent 54 minute pace). And then a 1 hour swim in the afternoon.

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