Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A belated walk day

Well since we didn't get in an outdoor walk yesterday, I got it in this evening. And omg it was HOT out there! We left at 6:20pm, I was afraid to wait much longer, didn't want D getting too tired. And I was dying. WHEW. But I did it in the same time as usual, which rocked!

Food today, I let it go a bit higher since we had a long outdoor walk. Breakfast was a Fiber One bar. I had a morning snack of a Slimfast Protein bar. Lunch was a South Beach pizza and baked chips. Afternoon snack was a fatfree yogurt. Before the walk I had 1/2 a pbj sandwich. And then after our walk, I had a 10oz bottle of gatorade, and then I had Special K waffles with light syrup to end my day at 1374 calories.

Output: a 3 mile 53.5 minute walk was this evening. Then I did 5 minutes of stretching to work out my leg muscles, they were stiff. I need to make up another 1.5 minutes for a full hour but will do about 10 minutes of cardio dance here in a bit to get the rest of me stretched out.

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