Thursday, June 25, 2009

Almost the weekend

So close, yet so far. Only one more day but that still seems like forever! lol Today was a decent day at work aside from the construction going on in the office behind me which made me think they were going to come right through the wall at some point! Yeah I had to leave my office a few times before I ended up rocking in a corner.

I ate decent today, though I did have a rough time deciding on dinner, and really wanted a burger. More on that in a sec. Breakfast was a Fiber One bar. Then my morning snack was a Slimfast bar. Lunch was a Lean Cuisine pizza, and my afternoon snack was a fat free yogurt. Dinner was...well...a burger. But I did ok. We went to Braums and I gotta kids meal with ketchup only on the cheeseburger, and kids fries with a bit of ketchup. After our walk, I had a Gatorade and some grapes to end my day at 1370 calories.

Output: I did 3 minutes at lunch time of lunges while waiting on my food to heat up. Then this evening we did a 54 minute 3 mile walk. Then I did a few minutes of stretching to finish my day.

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Anonymous said...

I think you are doing awesome!!