Monday, June 8, 2009

A splurge day!

And you know what that means! A weigh-in comes too...I will say I was a bit disappointed in it, only 6 lbs in almost a month, BUT yesterday was a high salt day. I had pickles last night, and it was my 4 mile walk day, so I guess its understandable. I can't wait til D's birthday to weigh in again and see if timing helps. And its still about 1.5 lbs a week, so I don't guess I can complain too much. It's a loss! I was just really hoping to be back in the 250s again. But that's ok.

Well, like my title says, we had our splurge today and it was at lunchtime at Manny's. We LOVE their chicken enchiladas and I haven't had them in FOREVER since those are def not on the safe list. YUM! For breakfast I just had a granola bar. Lunch at Manny's was two chicken enchiladas (made with flour tortillas, not corn), rice, and some chips and salsa. I had an afternoon snack of almonds. Dinner was a CFA kids meal since I still had the calories and we had to eat quickly to go by the store and get D in bed at a decent time. My evening snack was a Quaker Mini Delites baggy to end my day at 1886 calories. Thats great for a splurge day!

Output: since yesterday was my long day, today was a half/light day of workout for me. I did a 16 minute Ab/Back workout that I found on On Demand (I need to be strengthening both of those), and then some Wii Sports to loosen up (boxing and tennis).

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