Sunday, June 21, 2009

What happens on a splurge weekend...

STAYS on a splurge weekend. Yeah, thats right, weekend. It was supposed to be just a splurge day today for D's birthday (my sweet boy is now 5 years old!!!), but yesterday there was so much good food, and I had so little strength with the craziness going on, to fight it. I ate REALLY good this weekend, and finally stopped logging it yesterday around It was a bad two days foodwise, but I'm trying to tell myself, it was JUST two days, and tomorrow, I will be back at work, back on routine, and can buckle down and keep it a light week to compensate. I AM struggling tonite with the aftereffects of all the food, but am kinda feeling ill about it all, so it will be nice to get back into the groove of things.

Output this weekend, I did my 3 miles yesterday morning with my friend/training partner Jenn, before we headed out of town. And then this morning, my stepmom Liz, D and I hit up Lake Hefner in OKC for a 5 mile walk! I did it in 1:31 and was quite proud of that, esp considering that even though there were no hills, on the first half of the walk, we had the wind right in our faces, and it was quite windy! It was nice to turn around and head back! I was so proud of myself, my time was just a smidge less than my typical 3 mile walk on average, but it wasn't that much. Which means I hardly slowed it down! 5 miles is the most I've ever walked, and its been neat to hit these accomplishments every Sunday and know that most every Sunday, I will hit a new accomplishment, makes it worth it!

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