Sunday, January 17, 2010

Starting over weekend

Well, it felt like it anyway. We hit the trail for a bit this morning (the first trail walk of the new year), and only did 2 miles, but to me, it felt like I had basically started completely over in walking. I felt every one of those footsteps, and every pound that I have gained. I hate that feeling! But I'm using it as more encouragement to get back into the 3-4 mile walks every other day or so...esp as it starts staying light longer, and the weather changes some.

We had a busy, active weekend tho, which felt great. On Saturday, D had a dentist appt, which he did pretty good at. After that we walked around the mall a bit, met some friends for lunch (my eat out day!!! We did Aparicios which is some delicious mexican food!), and then spent 3 hours at IKEA. Yeah, 3 hours. And then we hit up a house party for a bit to top off the night! We ate there, so only ate out once on Sat.

Today was just as busy. We had the 2 mile walk in the morning, then lunch at my grandma's. After lunch, we hit up the zoo for a couple of hours! We did eat out again for dinner (Jasons Deli tho, and both of us can eat there for 10 bucks or less). And then this evening, we joined my best friend and her little boy for a grown-up (although PG) movie. We didn't get home til late, but it sure was fun!

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