Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yup still slacking...

Writing this one on Friday too...can't believe I missed two days in a row!! Urgh...but in my defense, it has been a long week, and I did get some good sleep! lol

I've had the same breakfast/lunch/snack as the last few days, finishing up my bread. Only one PBJ today though, and baby carrots that I had leftover, instead of sugar snap peas. I SO need to go to the store this weekend, as I now have used up all my lunch food at work. Don't even have anything for today, so I need to figure something out. Dinner was a Totino's Crisp Crust pizza that D and I split, with ranch style beans and salad with light ranch. I had a snack before bed of a 100 cal Smartfoods popcorn baggie to end my day at 1390 calories.

Output...uggh...nothing. My heel is feeling better though, just kinda itchy and achy, but its not bad. Tomorrow (Friday), I'm do a mild walk at the mall for some exercise.

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