Friday, March 20, 2009

First day of spring!

Happy first day of spring! And the weather is gorgeous for it! I've working on Phase One of getting my backyard into shape. Its VERY bare right now and D never plays in it. I want to change that. So today, I got a deckbox to store his outdoor toys in, so maybe he'll go OUT there with them. I'm also planning on getting some hanging flower baskets, and might be planting some things out there once I figure out what. This project should keep me busy awhile. It's a lease house, so I don't wanna do TOO much to it, but I want to pretty it up some back there. I'm debating getting D a small swing set for his birthday to have out there as well.

I did better on food choices today than yesterday. Breakfast was a PBJ on whole grain and raisins. Lunch was a Lean Cuisine pizza and an apple, and my afternoon snack was a 100 cal pack of baked cheese crackers. Not sure whats for dinner yet, but I'll post that later this evening. (Just trying to get ahead of the game on this)

No output yet other than lifting a deckbox at the store and hauling it to my I don't guess that counts though, so I'll do something tonite...hehehe...

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