Thursday, March 12, 2009

So proud of D!!!

I should prolly share this on D's blog, but oh well, it can just go here so I don't have to post two Tonite we were at Collin Creeks playarea, and there was a little girl there just being MEAN to Beth's little boy who is 2 (he's SO D's little friend, they love each other!). This little girl was sitting on him and elbowing him in the car there (he WAS there first btw), and Beth removed him. Well a bit later, the girl came back again to mess with him. My sweet boy stuck his arms out and put himself in front of her so she couldn't touch Brian, which gave time for Beth to get over there and take action. This girl's mom/babysitter/whatever wasn't doing a THING. She was doing homework in the corner. Ugghh...but I just can't believe how awesome that was of D to stick up for his little buddy! I was so proud and made sure to go tell him! He didn't hit her, shove her or anything, just got himself in between em...*sigh* Way to go, D! He's so gonna be a great big brother some day, and I can't wait to see that happen wayyyyy down the road...

OH and looks like the puking from the night before was an isolated incident of maybe something he ate. He was fine all day today with no issues, ate just fine, and had a normal BM...looks like we dodged a bullet...WHEW.

On the eating side, I did ok today. I've been fighting it quite a bit more today and doing my best. Breakfast this morning was oatmeal and a big cup of hot chocolate spiked with (I don't like coffee...but needed it this morning). Lunch was a Lean Cuisine pizza with sugar snap peas and yogurt. My afternoon snack was raisins and reduced fat Wheat Thins. For dinner, D and I split the last Totinos frozen pizza leftover from my binge, and had apple slices with it. I was still feigning for something carby, so I had a serving of Keebler puffed crackers. And finally at the mall, I had a kids icedream cone from CFA to end my day at 1706 calories.

Beth and I walked a good 20 minutes brisk walk (more brisk to me though since I got some short pushing strollers, and then tonite I did another 20 minutes on the stationary bike and got back to my mileage from 2 nights ago...3.8 miles!!! Woohoo!! It was a beatdown yeesshh I'm tired.

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Angela said...

Way to go D for being a good friend!!!

Keep up the good work B ~ baby steps is what I'm doing to get back on track!