Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I miss you, Grandad...

Well yesterday was our happy day and today is our sad day.

2 years ago today, my grandad passed away from Alzheimers. Yes, it happened the day after the adoption was finalized. It was a decision I struggled with about whether or not to postpone it (we knew that it was getting close, but did not know it would happen the next day), but I'm glad I didn't. Looking back, it wouldn't have changed anything, and it was a definite bright spot in that time.

I so wish D had been able to know him. He saw him a few times, but my grandad was already so far gone that they didn't "know" each other. And that makes me sad. My grandad was a good man with a big heart, and even though we drove each other nuts having the same personalities (we butted heads a lot), I loved him so much.

Robert (Bob) E. Terrill Jr.
3-23-23 til 2-24-07
Will always be missed
Today is D's surgery to get his tonsils/adenoids out. He did fine with it and spent his day laying on the couch watching Dora. He did throw up once due to the anesthesia reaction, and is in some pain, but otherwise is ok.

B: banana, grapes
L: eggbeaters with yolk and turkey sausage patties
S: popsicle and about 8oz of apple juice
D: grilled chicken breast and broccoli covered in ragu and 2% milk cheese
S: Haagen Daaz Lowfat frozen yogurt

Cals: 1271 calories

Output: nada, it was a long day with D's surgery

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Dina said...

big hugs for you today Brandie and prayers for D!