Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A day at home

We're at home this week so D can get some good healing in. He spent all day today laying on the couch watching Dora. He did finally eat some noodles, etc, and is still in some pain, but otherwise, he's ok. We did get out the house today once to go up to Braums to get him some frozen yogurt (and mommy something but otherwise have been home.

B: oatmeal packet
S: grapes
L: a cup of noodles with a bit of butter and garlic
S: apple
D: green bean casserole (leftover) with canadian bacon
S: single dip hot fudge sundae at Braums

Cals: 1224 calories

Output: a mile on my recumbent stationary bike at a fairly fast pace, it was "just" a mile but omg I can so tell I haven't really done a good workout in a week what with being sick, AF, and now D's surgery...yeessh, it bout killed me!

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