Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feelin better, but a lesson learned

Yeah...I was feeling quite decent by dinner tonite, and was REALLY feeling the lack of protein from being sick, SO I decided to make some grilled chicken. Well I was feeling REALLY good about that, so I added a bit of zesty italian light dressing to it for some flavor. Yeah BIG mistake. I'm paying for it now. :( Guess tomorrow will be back to an easy day.

B: banana
S: Gatorade and applesauce
L: cup of Easy Mac
S: some ramen noodle soup (very soupy)
D: grilled chicken with a bit of zesty italian light, mashed potatoes, a small spoonful of cottage cheese, and a biscuit
S: a popsicle

Cals: 1484 calories

Output: still not up to anything

Oh and I should add, I started AF again today since I stopped taking the BC pills (to see if it helps with weight loss)...and ugggh AF is so not being nice either. I'm dreading this again, but if it will get the rest of this weight off, it will SO be worth it.

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