Friday, February 13, 2009

A high sugar day...

Today I was so excited about getting my new toy that I completely forgot to eat anything until lunch! And didn't even snack at all! Urggghhh...oh well. It ended up working out fine since we met up with Beth and her family, and Amanda and Isabelle, to celebrate Micah's 5th birthday, at Cici's! Happy Birthday, MICAH!!!

L: Smart Ones Salisbury Steak meal and *bag* Valentines Cupcake
D: Cici's: 1 piece of garlic bread, 1 slice of hamburger pizza, 2 slices of pepperoni pizza
S: a slice of Micah's birthday cake

Cals: 1382 calories

Yeah I've been low on cals since the splurge and before, but don't worry, tomorrow, since I know I'ma be depressed as its frigging Vday, I already have some chocolate planned, and will prolly allow myself to go around 1800 calories.

Output: uggh none today

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