Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend of possibilities and social strides

Anyone who knows me well at ALL, knows that I do not like social situations. I love them but I don't like them. I get very anxious and nervous. Well, on Friday, I took a leap of faith and put myself out there for a big social encounter, and while I want to hyperventilate about it, I'm actually looking forward to it next weekend. I know I'm gonna be a nervous wreck all week about it, but I'm trusting God that He gave me the courage to step up and step out, that it will be worth it.

Food was not good this weekend. I treated D to IHOP since he was apparently needing pancakes from there. Its hilarious, he's been CRAVIN them apparently. Asked for em all week, then Sat morning while eating his cereal bar, said "raise your hand if you want to go eat pancakes somewhere!" then while at the store that evening (not knowing I had plans to take us there) he goes "so I guess we have to go to ihop"...the boy was seriously feignin!!! lol He ate his eggs, his sausage, all 5 of his silverdollar pancakes AND one of mine (I got the 2x2x2 (2 eggs, 2 bacon strips and 2 pancakes, but gave D one of mine)! And he got offended when I left half of my ONE pancake on the plate. Silly kid. Then, I hosted an MNI at my house last night, some friends came over and we ate pizza, chips and dip, brownies, and watched Tyler Perry movies. We had a great time and they were over til about 3am. Late night! But totally worth it! It was great having people hanging out to chat with.

Today we went by my aunts house for lunch with the family. We had beef stew, cornbread, and cake for dessert. I was quite full!! D and I stopped by KFC on the way home. I got a grilled chicken meal with mashed tatoes and green beans. Then I had the piece of cake that I brought home this evening and some chips and dip later.

So now its Sunday night, and I'm preparing for a long week. Expect to see some good workouts coming! We're coming up on the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day, which I'm looking forward to! I'm still hanging on to this challenge with Teresa (barely but doing it!). I do need to stop the WATP and biking, and get more of my workouts done as WALKS. I can definitely feel that there's a difference and with having gained weight back, walking should be TOP priority right now, or I'm really going to struggle at the Trot. Here's to a great week! AF is coming to an end slowly but surely so I should be able to get moving around pretty nicely. I've been relegated to the bike the last few days.

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