Sunday, August 2, 2009

Conquering the ROCK

Jenn, my training buddy and I, accomplished something this morning we never even dreamed possible. We walked all the way around White Rock Lake, a total of 9.3 miles! It took us 3 hours and 7 minutes to do. Not quite the time I had hoped for, was hoping for under 3 but we DID IT. I get all emotional about these new miles each week and it made me cry just thinkin about the fact that we finished it. And to think 13.1 miles is only 4 more miles away...we're really doing this!!! It just totally blows my mind. All I could say when we finished it was "holy hell!" I kept repeating that over and

The weather cooperated (as much as Texas summer weather can) for us quite nicely. We started at 6am and it was H.U.M.I.D as all get out! We saw clouds coming in, and had about 2 sprinkles on us as we finished. And then 10 minutes later as we got in to where we ate breakfast, the downpour started. Such perfect timing!!! Thank you, Lord, for that! We had def been concerned that we'd be on the far side of the lake when it started, but it held off...yay!!

I'm feeling good this evening. I have a lingering headache that I think might be some dehydration, and my legs feel like jello this evening but we went to go walk around Grapevine Mills mall this evening and I did fine there. It felt good to be moving them again. We will prolly skip our 4 mile walk tomorrow though (I need to SLEEP IN for a minute) and just do a light 30 minute walk plus an hour of swimming with friends (counts as 30 min). We have to get our swimming in before D's surgery next week since he won't be allowed to get any water in his ears after that!

Ok on to food...before our walk, I had a Fiber One toaster pastry. Then a bottle of Propel during the walk (plus a bottle of water). Afterward, we hit up this restaurant near White Rock called Barbec's for breakfast. It was delicious!! I had a glass of orange juice, a 3 cheese omelette with salsa, two slices of tomato, and half a beer biscuit with some butter. Yum!! At home after our nap, I had half a Totino's Crispy Crust pizza. Dinner, I was craving me some popcorn chicken and iced tea (tryin to squelch this headache), so we stopped at Sonic on the way to Grapevine Mills. I got a popcorn chicken, a banana, snitched two of D's tator tots (LOL) and then my iced tea. On the way home from the mall, we stopped at Braums and I got a kids cup of capp. chunky choc frozen yogurt, and then this evening I had another bottle of propel (tryin to kill this headache STILL) to end my day at 1717 calories.

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Stacy said...

YAY U! proud of u!