Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You know you love what you do...

when you are willing to do it after working all day, sitting with an antsy D to get his haircut, and THEN...starting out to do it in the rain. Is that how you know its an addiction?? Whatever it is...we went and walked 4 miles tonite with Dina, and the first mile or so was in rain. It wasn't a downpour but it was definitely enough to get us all really wet. But once the rain stopped, there was still a bit of a breeze for awhile before it got sticky humid again, and that part was really nice!! Made it worth it, IMHO. The sky was just gorgeous too.

And we're gonna do it again tonite...though it won't be raining, it will certainly be HOT and freakin humid.

Hmmm...maybe they call this "crazy",

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