Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School and stuff

We're gearing up for school to start in 6 days! My baby will be a kindergartner! Its so appropriate that this week is a big anniversary for us. Three years ago today, I picked D up from his foster mom's house and took him for the weekend. I can barely even fathom that its already been 3 years and yet that its ONLY been 3 years. It's difficult to remember a time that D isn't fully part of or wrapped up in. It's still amazing to me how quickly we became a little family unit, and how easily he bonded to me. He knows I'm his mommy, and I absolutely ADORE him (most days...lol).

D started his new med on Friday. I found out yesterday that his neuro would like him to stay on all 3 meds til at least our followup visit in October. I'm a bit apprehensive about it, but I'm trusting his neuro's judgment. He's said in the past that D's issues can not be treated behaviorally as they are not behavior issues. He can't help what is firing off inside his head and at this stage can't even control it. So I'm ok with medicating, but 3 heavy meds (two seizure meds, one adhd med) seems like such a lot for a little guy! Even a big little guy. So far he hasn't shown any major change. He did actually take a nap at daycare yesterday(which shocked the bejeebies out of everyone because he hasn't napped all summer there) but other than that, I haven't noticed him to be sluggish or drowsy at all. If anything, he's seemed MORE alert. And funny enough, at times over the weekend and yesterday, I noticed his speech seemed better. We were in Addison on Sunday evening and all of a sudden he goes "mommy, I see an AIRPORT! Planes land there?" and it was just so clear. I have not noticed him "jabbering" just to jabber as much. And maybe its all in my imagination, these are just some random things that have caught my attention lately that I'd like to note for future reference. Here's hoping that the new meds cause some positive changes!

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