Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What I did TODAY

So...in focusing on the "daily" concept, I can say, today has been a decent one so far. I did accidentally leave my frozen meal at home, but instead of grabbing crap food, I planned out a grocery store run at lunchtime, complete with getting a few things to have for dinner tonite. So I've made good choices.

Breakfast was a banana and a cereal bar. I had a cup of no sugar added hot cocoa with a shot of coffee midmorning. Lunch was a Stauffers meatloaf frozen meal and some baby carrots. My afternoon snack is going to be a fat free yogurt. Dinner is going to be homemade pizzas (whole wheat tortillas, Ragu, reduced fat mozzarella, and pepperoni/canadian bacon, plus a romaine lettuce/tomato salad with Zesty Italian light dressing. My evening snack is going to be grapes to end my day at 1132 calories.

Output: I hadn't planned on getting up early this morning, but my eyes popped open at 5:15am and I was wide awake. So, I got up and worked out, ended up doing the 1 Mile WATP since with the stretches she has you do at the end, its 21 minutes total. I don't think I even broke a sweat doing it, but I could definitely feel it in my arms and thighs, it felt really good.

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