Friday, October 9, 2009

Dropped the ball...

I realized yesterday that I had not posted all week, and then was busy last night getting some BFF time in so it didn't happen then either. I've done ok this week on food, HAVE logged it, just haven't posted it.

One night I went a bit high on cals, though not awful. I made some kind of thrown together homemade chili. It turned out great and I was able to get rid of stuff in my pantry! I added in drained canned chicken (sauteed first in abit of Pam spray), brown rice, tomato sauce, and ranch style beans (lightly drained), and a plethora of spices, let it simmer for almost an hour, and it was awesome! D and I both ate big bowls of it. I'm not sure what to call it...Chili Surprise? Ha! I dunno.

I also discovered that same night that we had a carrot cake deluxe (with real carrots and raisins) mix in the pantry and I actually had eggbeaters in the fridge, so I made a cake. There was no icing in my house so it lacked that but it still was quite a yummy treat, and semi healthyish. We're still eating on it, so I've done good. D has gotten to take big slices each day to school with his lunch, he loves it! It's no Aunt Donna's carrot cake, but it's satisifying for those cold weather cravings.

As far as training goes, I've slacked this week more than I intended. I HAVE done a few nights of 2 mile WATP, but goodness knows last night I didn't do anything. My next post will be announcing a new challenge but joining back up with Teresa for it. I did so much better when there was a prize involved. lol Stay tuned for details on that!

Food for today is going to be fairly good. I ended up trading my breakfast for hot chocolate this morning, and I had a light brunch of food that was served up here. It was chicken mini's and fruit, I ended up getting a handful of the loose chicken nuggets and apple slices (no biscuits!) and left it at that. So I will probably eat my tuna sandwich later this afternoon. For dinner, we're planning to go out to the mall and get some clothes shopping done for both D and I, so we'll have to grab something light.

And output today: I'm going to get in a 30 minute walk at the mall before we hit up the stores.

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