Wednesday, July 2, 2008

When did it become ok?

I gotta know, when did it become ok to let someone writhe on the floor dying and not do anything about it?

I'm referring to this article:,2933,375221,00.html
Its about a lady sitting in an ER for 24 hours, who fell out of her chair, was convulsing on the floor and died. And noone helped her. Other people were in there, it was a psych ward if I understand it correctly, and a guard peeked his head around to look but then ignored it too. If it weren't for a video, we never would have known what all happened. The article says that they lied too. For instance, it was noted that at one point she went to the bathroom...then said she was sitting quietly and blood pressure was normally, when that exact time was when she was writhing on the floor. How awful is that?!

There have been similar reports lately, about people injured on the street and no one coming to their aid. And I have to wonder why we, as a society, allow this to happen. Do we really think that "oh, someone else already called for help so I don't need to" or are we really that blinded to it? I can't honestly say what I would do if someone were getting beaten or injured in front of me, because I've never been in that situation. I like to think, that I would do something about it. And I'm pretty sure I'd try my hardest to stop whomever was hurting them. But I know for certain that if I saw someone already injured or writhing on the ground, I would absolutely make sure they got the help they needed and not ignore the issue. I wonder what goes through people's minds afterward. Do they even regret it? Do they wonder "what if"? Does it even faze people anymore? Am I alone in being bothered by this?

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