Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is customer service gone?

Today I went to CVS to pick up D's prescription which I had refilled online last night. I pull up, told her D's name, and she said, "that name isn't in our system, you must not have filled it here", without even bothering to ASK if I had had it filled there before. I said calmly "I was just here a month ago and I work right down the street. THIS is where I filled it." She hems and haws, goes back to the computer, asks me how to spell his name again, what his date of birth was. Then says, "theres only one with that last name here and it was filled in April for a female". Ok, then something is wrong right? You would think she would look it up by date of birth. Nope.

For the next 3 minutes she continued to tell me I was at the wrong CVS. I continued to insist that this is the CVS that I frequent since its right down the street from work. No luck. FINALLY, on a whim, I said, "try putting a space in the last name, sometimes they enter it wrong" (it does NOT have a space on his Medicaid card). She puts that in, and I could tell immediately she had found it. However instead of saying "oh I apologize, it WAS entered wrong", she shut the window without saying a word, went and got the prescription, came back, had me sign the sheet, handed it to me and said in a VERY ugly tone: "Next time, make sure you tell them theres a space in there" and shut the window. Ummmm HELLO???? How is it MY fault?? Geezzzz...I know he's on medicaid, but thats no need to be ugly. I so wanted to flip her off.

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Beth said...

UGH Rudeness. Call and complain!