Sunday, August 3, 2008 turning back...

SO...last night...I put up on Craigslist a big box of my size 30/32 clothes. FOR FREE. Overnight I had about 20 replies. Sadly, one guy emailed me saying his wife typically wears a size 10 and he was wondering if these were anywhere near Ummmm NO...anyway a guy came and picked them up today for his wife. Eeeekkk...definitely no turning back now! I won't let myself use those as a crutch. I now officially have no fall/winter but thats ok. I'm glad I didn't know exactly when he'd be showing up, I might have cancelled it! It was so hard to let go of those!! But I did it, and I'm crazy proud of myself for having come this far (almost 45 lbs down!) So pray that I come across some money before it gets

And if you need two nice skirt/blouse sets (I saved those two to sell outright, they are nice), check out my craigslist ad for them (both size 30/32):

Yes that is a SHAMELESS plug!

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