Friday, May 23, 2008

Whats up this weekend?

First I gotta say the same thing everyone else is saying. Gas prices are HORRENDOUS! And in an suv that sucks it dry, I'm dyin here! I wish I could figure out how to get out of it without taking myself deeper into debt, and having no available spending cash. I thought my long 3 day weekend was gonna suck but now...I am SO looking forward to this! So far, its setting up for a great weekend if the weather will cooperate. I was supposed to go to the lake with family, but we'd only be going for a day, its 2 hours one way, and thats about 60 bucks in gas I'd have to spend for a DAY! No, thanks, that can be grocery money...instead, on Sunday, we're gonna hit up ArtFest at Fair Park, and ride the train down to it. Then on Monday, go on a picnic with some other moms at the Addison Fountains. All in all, its gonna be busy and crazy, and we're gonna love it!

Food-wise, I made it through last weekend (the first weekend of the diet) just fine, and I'm feeling pretty confident that I have a good handle on this. At least the calorie part, maybe not carbs and fat and sodium and all that fun stuff, but calories...I got this!

Stay tuned to the Adventure blog for pics from the weekend...and come back here soon, I have a big rant I'm workin on, some interesting news articles, and some other fun stuff coming up soon.

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