Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ugggh some people...

Check out this news article. Its about a teacher who basically lost it, and had a 5 year old (who is getting tested for aspergers) STAND in front of the class while the other students told him what they don't like about him, and then had the students vote on if he should leave the class. WTH is WRONG with people these days??? There is absolutely NO excuse for that! I read on another board "her side" of the story, and ya know, I don't care HOW bad your day has been, how disruptive he's being, how frustrated you are. We ALL have bad days, but that does not give you the right to emotionally abuse a child like that! With D, I know HE acts up in class, and we even now have behavior/social/emotional goals written into his IEP, and I constantly worry about other kids teasing him or ostracizing him. But it never occurred to me that a TEACHER would be the cause of it. They're supposed to teach our children, support them, we trust them with them all day long. I'm really hoping they throw the proverbial book at her.

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