Monday, April 19, 2010

Not just plantar fasciitis

I went to the podiatrist today, who did xrays on my feet, and it turns out, I also have heel spurs. No bueno. So my doc put me on a fairly conservative treatment plan which includes new shoes (which I already have), heel inserts, more motrin, aspercreme, and then in a couple of weeks I can come back and get a cortisone shot if needed. Worst case scenario would be surgery, but she didn't think it'd come to that. She did say I could start slowly adding in some walking up to my comfort level. I asked about a mile a day, and she said that would be fine as long as I'm not hurting much. Basically, I can't make it worse, as it's not the spur itself hurting, its the tissue around it. So I can make my pain much worse on ME, but not the condition itself.

We did talk about the 3 Day. She said it really depends on how treatments go. She didn't rule it out though, which gives me hope! And she said I'd need to be willing to not be afraid to use the medics if necessary to ice it or wrap it. So it's still def a possibility. I'm going to work my hardest to make sure I can safely train and be prepared for it, while encouraging healing. I need to get down in weight as much as possible between now and then too, which will help take some of the pressure off too.


Jalissa said...

Becareful for those cortisone shots, those freaking hurt okay not trying to freak you out or anything if you have to get one it may not for you. But it did for me and I couldn't walk for 3 days.

No bueno hope your foot feels better and you don't have to deal with any further treatments.

Brandie said...

Thanks, Jalissa...yeah, I've put off the shot, I've heard it hurts like crazy...dunno that I want that, heh. Will have to see how things go.