Friday, June 27, 2008

Nothin better but...

There is nothing better than the accomplishment you feel when you hit a goal. I hit my first big weight loss goal of 30 lbs today!! I'm super excited, and along with that, is the determination to hit the next 30 lbs, and the next. and the next. and...the next. Yes, I have THAT much to lose.

BUT part of me is embarrassed that I even HAVE this much weight to lose. When did it get so bad? Its been like this for YEARS and I don't know a point where I just decided I was ok with it. It just kinda happened, bite by bite, fried food by fried food. And I have only myself to blame. But now, I'm taking control of it. I'm doing this for ME, because I cannot STAND to have all this on me anymore. Its time to go, bye bye fat!

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Krisinda said...

Congratulations, Brandie! So proud of you!!! What a huge accomplishment.